Four Exercises To Bulk Up Skinny Legs

skinny legsAlot of women would love to have skinny legs, but it seems that those of us who do suffer from this affliction often  hide them beneath flowing skirts or trousers.

The following four exercises should help to bulk up skinny legs by building up the important muscles without adding fat.

So matchstick thin legs be gone!

Exercise 1


  • Start your daily exercise regime by running up and down stairs at a steady rate until you feel your calf muscles begin to protest and note how long it has taken.
  • Keep to the same time for a week, by then you should feel no discomfort.
  • The following week you should increase the time by 10-20% until you feel the discomfort again.
  • Keep increasing each week until you build up to about 25-30 minutes a session and maintain that rate as a daily routine.
  • Apartment dwellers may have to use the stairwell and it will do no harm to avoid the temptation of the elevator at other times.

Exercise 2

  • Lie down flat on the floor, and, for comfort, support your head on a cushion.
  • Place your hands on your hips and slowly lift your legs until they are at right angles to your body.
  • Bend at the knee and straighten each leg alternatively in a steady rotating motion so that you mimic a cycling action.
  • This is not a particularly tiring exercise but is important in building up the thigh muscles.
  • Keep going for about 5 minutes to start and build up the time gradually over a period of weeks.

Exercise 3

  • Lie flat on the floor with your  body straight and arms extended by your sides at right angles.
  • Stretch your legs and  raise one leg as high above you as you can while keeping it perfectly straight.
  • You will feel the thigh muscles stretching and tensing.
  • Slowly lower and repeat with the other leg. Continue until you feel the onset of fatigue in the muscles and build up the time on a weekly basis.

Exercise 4

  • Buy a bicycle or cycling machine.

Overdoing any exercise routine  to the point of exhaustion or experiencing pain is likely to more harm than good unless you are a highly trained athlete.

hot legs, skinny legs, legs,

The last thing you want is to feel so stiff after the previous workout that you can’t face another day of exercise.

It is important to get into a daily routine so take it easy to start with and gradually build up to a time and effort that you feel comfortable with.

The aim of these exercises is to increase the leg muscle mass and shape without gaining fat so watch your diet.

Cut back on fats and carbohydrates and increase your protein intake.


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  1. melissa says:

    will doing squats work too? i am doing squats right now but i dont know if it will work or should i try something else? please reply!!!!

    • Hi Melissa
      Squats are a really good exercise and if you persevere will work. Good luck.

  2. Lupita says:

    i am 18 yrs old. i am embarassed to wear shorts, dresses, or basiclly anything that shows my legs. Not just because ia am skinny but because my legs are really white. it”s only my legs my thighs are fine. I weight 98 pounds, people ask me if i am anorexian in which i am not. i have always been put down by family, about the way i look, please help me become confident

    • Hi Lupita

      I know this is hard but try not to listen to people who put you down. It just saps your confidence. Also people who do this are usually lacking in confidence themselves.
      If you think your legs are too white why not try an artificial sun tanning cream? Make sure you follow the directions properly and your legs should look a lot better.

  3. mj says:

    My legs are sooo skinny, but they don’t match my upper body at all! I’m 13 and my hips are large (my waist is quite slim so it makes them look larger) it just makes my legs look even skinnier!!!and my upper body is also short compared to the lower part Everyone always says how skinny my legs are people say are you anerxesic when im not im just real skinny

  4. shivani says:

    heya,, gr8 to hear the tips,, can u suggest me what to do for a flat stomach as i have developed a tummy which looks really bad as im skinny overall,, i don’t want to loose weight from my body and want to have shapely legs and flat stomach,, is there a way,, because whenever i exercise i loose my tummy along with other weight and i start lukin anaroxeic,,:(

    • Hi

      It sounds as though you have a great tummy, but if you are worried don’t exercise too much. Only you can tell.

  5. Arie' says:

    Hi , I’m Arie’ ≖‿≖
    My legs and thighs are so skinny , that
    if you would place your each hand on both sides of one leg
    you could run them up and down a million times , but still wont feel
    a difference between where my thigh are and below my knee . ( only way they know where my thigh is is b/c of common since . knowing where thighs are located ) Basically they’re straight sticks !
    I’m a 14 years old girl . 5’3 and 91.8lbs . (underweight) i never really ate healthy , or exercised . but i still cant gain weight . After all the junk food i have ate . And exercising will just make me even more skinner , right ? Do you think that these exercises will get me sexy not so skinny legs ? And any other tips to help me gain weight ? My mom wants me to stay skinny b/c she knows it wont attract boys . i have a very very pretty face ! its just my body is like a stick . No one understands all the pressure I’m put under with all the name calling . I just cant handle it anymore . As well , I’m not trying to put on weight for no one else . this is for my health concern only ! i am underweight .
    I going to start running track for my school . Will that help get my legs sexy are make me skinner ? What would you suggest i eat and do to gain weight ? And if i do LOTS of exercising will i gain muscle or just lose weight ? How can i maintain the weight ?
    Btw i have a Very Fast Metabolism . How do you slow it down a bit ?
    I have this theory 1 .) that if you are healthy and you start eating junk food you will gain weight ! 2.) if you didn’t eat healthy and don’t have much of protein and you all you mostly eat is junk food , you wont gain weight (that’s my problem #2) . Is that true ?
    Thank you for all your help . i will use the advice you give me , very wisely ! Trust Me !
    And i asked all these questions b/c i had no one else to ask . i just really care about my health .

    Thanks ,

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Arie

      Being skinny at your age is not a problem. In fact its better to be skinny than overweight, because as you age you will surely get bigger. What you must make sure of is that you eat healthily and that means not junk food which doesn’t give you the vitamins and minerals you need to be healthy.
      Exercise will give you more stamina and energy just don’t overdo it unless of course you want to become an athlete.
      If you are really concerned you should go and get checked out by your doctor. You will be given advice on your diet and what sort of exercise suits your type of body.
      Hope this gives you some re-assurance.

  6. karla says:

    hi, i have always been skinny, but now i have filled out more, i am now 17 soon to be 18,i dont wear shorts or skirts or tops without sleeves. and i would like to tone up my arms and legs because they are skinny, i would like to , but you see i dont know how, and there is a gym near me, which is an all womens gym, which i have wanted to go to but havent, at school i hated wearing shorts for p.e . you see my legs are well,they are hard to explain, so i will try and send in a picture.

  7. dd says:

    I have stick thin legs and I hate it. I would love to wear shorts or short dresses . Please tell me the whole package as to what else in addition to excercise could I do to make my legs look at least reasonable

    • Jaks says:

      Hi DD

      Unfortunately the only other thing you can do to bulk up your legs is to eat more. However, don’t eat junk food as this can make you bloated and unhealthy.
      Also try cycling and running which can help to tone your muscles..

  8. Tisha says:

    I don’t know if u pp r reading this but at last I got skinny legs no exercise nothing well I am lazy…. ha

    Really how?? I sit on the end of the chair stomach in and my back is straight and legs out of the chair at 90 degree

    I don’t know if u r getting what I mean hope it help u ppl!!

    Enjoy the skinny winney life!!! skinny

  9. bodyofan8mare!! says:

    hi! I actualy have a body of a nightmare.i have a comparingly fat body with skinny hands,legs, face and worse flat legs look funny with thighs so faty but below knees its
    just bones. I alwayz have to think 100 times when i have gone shopping that i almost hate going shopping.this mentaly troubls me alot that im too scared getin marid even.pLs giv me some tips..

    • Jaks says:

      Your plea for tips to sort your body out is one of the hardest to answer that I have experienced.

      It is unlikely to be of much help to you for me to tell you to that you need to build up muscle on those areas that are skinny and to tone up those that are fatty although working out as hard and as often as you can on a general exercise regime involving the use of all the major muscle groups is the likely answer.

      Is your diet healthy and nutritious and have you cut out the junk food and sugary drinks?

      Cycling is a great way to tone up the legs and arms and gain fitness and stamina.

      I cannot help thinking that you are over emphasizing the poor shape of your body without intent. It sounds to me as if you need to to talk to a properly qualified fitness instructor and also find a way of giving your self esteem a massive boost, a therapist could be the answer.

      Either way some professional face to face help is likely to be the best solution.

  10. bilan says:

    My legs are very skinny I am gone try them all but I don’t have stairs in my house,instead of stairs so what can I do?

    • Hi Bilan

      If you don’t have stairs you can buy a step machine quite cheaply which will give you the same results.

  11. sam says:

    how long does it take for legs to start bulking during exercising

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Sam
      As with any exercise the time it takes to see results depends on the time you are prepared to spend on the exercises

  12. Maya says:

    My legs are sooo skinny, but they don’t match my upper body at all! I’m 13 and my hips are large (my waist is quite slim so it makes them look larger) it just makes my legs look even skinnier!!! Everyone always says how skinny my les are because my upper body is a lot bigger thean them. I do pilates everyday, i have nice abs and i’m not fat but i just hate my body shape 🙁

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Maya
      Not many people are happy with their body shape. Most of us want to change some aspect of it. However you are still very young and have not finished growing. As you grow taller you may well find that your shape changes, so don’t despair just yet.

  13. yaslene says:

    Hey I’m 18 yrs old and pretty much my whole life. I’ve. Been naturally thin and it has to do cause almost everyone from my mother side is very thin. I gained some weight when I had my daughter so now my upper body is great good boobs nice arms my abs are ok. My legs also gain some weight but I’ve lost some of what I gain and I want them to get thicker so tha when I wear a skirt my legs would look good cuz they don’t look good. I have a nice booty just my legs are thin. Do u think ill be able to get fuller legs with the excersize? I always been upset for bein too skinny but after my pregnancy I was able to be alil happy I just need the shaped legs to make my body look normal.

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Yaslene
      Your legs gained weight when you became pregnant due to hormonal changes in your body.
      To gain bulk you need to concentrate on toning them and using heavier weights.
      Takes a lot of work but can give good results.

  14. Alexus says:

    I am 14, and i weigh 65 pounds. I am embarrassed to wear shorts and skirts and dresses.. I can barely fit into jeans that are double zero’s.. My knee’s bones look so big because of how tiny my legs are, People sometimes ask me if i am anorexia..But i’m not. i planned on gaining weight before school starts.. which is a month away. I eat all the time. I just cannot gain ANY weight.. I guess i will try these exercises…

    • Jaks says:

      Hello Alexus

      At 14 you have a long way to go before reaching full maturity. Not what you want to hear, I’m sure but have a little more patience, eat healthily and who knows?

  15. amber says:

    i am a cheerleader and all of my freinds tell me im soooo skinny and my arms are okay but i NEED to gain weight on my legs before skool starts again cuz next year i have to wear short skirts at all the football games and peprallies!plz help me!

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Amber

      Congrats on being a cheerleader. However, never forget that some of your friends may be slightly envious and will exaggerate your faults when in fact you are fine the way you are.

  16. MARY says:


  17. rubyy says:


    Well I’m 15 and a girl. And i am basically very very very skinny. EVERYWHERE!
    I’m 5 stones, which is terrible. I’ve recently tried drinking a lot of milk, as its said to maintain the growth of your bones, as i haven’t drank milk as a child growing up, I’m guessing this could be the reason :L Today i intend to do these exercises. The thing is, I’ve never wanted to do exercise as i thought that it would make me loose weight. People and Doctors have told me that one i start puberty i will gain weight, it’s been nearly more than 3 years and i’ve had no sign of it. My thighs don’t touch. I envy these curvy girls, it makes me want to cry. I’ve been bullied and called names that aren’t pleasant.

    Anyway, I hope I can gain weight on my legs and elsewhere is the coming months and years, and I wish all of you the best (:

    • Hello Ruby
      I know it can make you want to cry but being thin is often a lot better than being too overweight due to the health implications.
      I agree with your doctor that when you start puberty you should naturally fill out – just try and be patient. good luck

  18. Meg says:

    hi, i love my body except for my legs. just above the ankles they are so thin. i would love to wear shorts and skirts but i can’t. pliz advise on what exercise to take.


    • Hi Meg
      You need to use heavier weights if you want more muscle in your legs. If possible go to your local gym and ask one of the personal trainers for some specific advice or try some resistance workout

  19. Jasminne says:

    My legs used to be dreadfully skinny, they didn’t even touch, I eat loads and loads yet still put on no weight. At school I got called Wednesday legs like wends day gonna snap. All of a sudden i started putting on weight, they’re more fuller now although still pretty skinny, so I suggest eating till you cant eat anymore.. and then doing nothing all day:) really helps.

  20. molly says:

    well thank you , that has made me feel better . and ive noticed my body isn’t really that bad . thank you . molly x (I’ll keep trying though)! x

  21. Tay says:

    hey guys, i have pretty skinny legs to, have had for most of my life. In a few days i am going to start jogging do you think that will help to build my calf muscles up? I also wanna build my thieghs up , any tips on how to do that ?Thanks everyone, hope to here back soon, i know how you all feel.

  22. molly says:

    hello, I have really skinny long banana legs (with huge hips and a very thin waist) I hate my body so much . im only 13 and I shouldn’t be moaning about this because my body is still growing but how-come all the other girls have nice slim legs (not skinny) I have try everything but the running up and down the stairs. I have been doing exercises for about 4 days im not sure if that is enough days but nothing is happening (my body looks like I have had alot of eating disorders and had problems) but I haven’t I eat all the time in fact how much ive eating in my life I should be fat! I can’t even go outside wearing a pair of shorts or skirt or dress and i hardly go outside and i would love to feel the nice breeze against my legs for once in my life! my mum says girls would die for my legs! but i would just die for a normal sized body! i dont know what to do please help !!

    • Hi Molly

      Just because some girls as young as eleven or twelve seem to have developed adult looking bodies doesn’t mean that all thirteen or fourteen year olds should have followed suit. Having a slim waist is a definite asset and curvy hips will add to your attractiveness as you get older.

      Your Mum is absolutely right, I have never heard of a young woman that doesn’t want long slim legs and as you mature so your thighs and calves will naturally thicken. It may not be too long before you start wishing that you could slim down your thighs again.

      In the meantime do not be disheartened, four days of exercise is nothing. After four months dedicated to keeping fit with no visible improvement you may have a reason to despair!

      I have a feeling that in a year or two your figure will be the envy of your friends.

  23. Dana says:

    Hi my name is dana i’m 15 n i have very skinny legs and everybody makes fun of meh all the time im just tired of having skinny legs i have try everything but nothing works! compare to my mom she has hot legs omg idk what to do anymore i just hate my body no boobs,no buttie,and a guess pretty face help!!:(

  24. Saumya says:

    Hey, well my legs are really skinny and i cannot wear skirts or short dresses, i have tried quite a few things but nothing seems to work out. I think its hereditary. What would you do in this case?

  25. Fran says: these exercises actually work?? I have real skinny legs which look good in jeans..but awful in shorts. Pls reply

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Fran
      The short answer is yes, these exercises do work. But, like most other things in life, you only get back what you put in. In your case you would not want to bulk up your thighs too much which could result in spoiling your ‘look good in jeans factor’. I would suggest using the upper leg work outs for 20-30 minute daily sessions, walking briskly instead of taking the car, run up and down the stairs, and playing tennis, golf or similar twice a week. This level activity should build up the muscles in your legs gradually, it will then be up to you to decide when enough is enough.

      Remember that as you age most women tend to put on weight on their butts and thighs unless they keep fit and watch their diet. I guess that you should not fall for the temptation of over eating in the hope or expectation that your legs will bulk out, they may very well do so – along with your tummy, butt and saggy arms. Get the balance of exercise activities right and your legs will look good whatever you wear.

  26. Nina says:

    i feel really different compared to my sisters theyve got the body shape id love to have unlike me I have a body shape of an apple with really thin legs, big upper body, fat arms and my thin legs do not match my upper body. Well let me put it this way so you can get a better picture of what i look like .. i have tyra banks legs and rachael rays upper body..will these excercises work for me? with your honest opinion?

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Nina

      If you don’t try the exercises you will never know. Obviously everyone is different so what will work for one person may not work for another. I suggest you give them a go, eat a healthy diet and give it six months. Also you could try to change your upper body with specifically targeted exercises.

      Good luck

  27. lauren r says:

    i have the most skinniest legs ever! skinny arms to ! i have very very very nice abs and face no boobs ! ugh i hate it im young but all these girls are beautiful in a bathingsuit and i have to cover up ! i tried maney work outs but dosnt seem to work i am a dancer and have been for a long time … once a week type of thing. PLEASE I WILL DO ANYTHING IF SOMEONE HELPS ME once i cryed myself to sleep rthinking of my body … it is depressing summer is coming up and i would love to be able to go to the beach with my friends which have amaaxing bodys. WRITE BACK ASAP please and thnks

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Lauren

      Believe it or not, there are not many people who are completely satisfied with their body. if you are dancing you should have a really toned body but you need to persevere before real changes take place. Try to vary your exercise routine to target different areas. Swimming is a very good one for all over body fitness.

      As for boobs you say you are young so perhaps you have a way to go yet.

      Please try not to be too despondent though.


  28. danielle says:

    Is there any other exersices I should be doing ?
    And can u not lose weight from doing these ?
    I have really thin legs, I’m naturally a slim girl but can’t stand it, and because I have bronzed skin, it makes me look slimmer.
    I really want to be able to wear shorts and leggings out espeshially dresses.
    I’m thinking about calf implants for my 18th next week. Any tips?

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Danielle
      As people get older most of them put on weight and that includes weight on the legs. However, I’m sure that’s not what you want to hear because you want a fix now.
      Having calf implants is the last last resort and you may regret it for the rest of your life. Just keep up with the exercises.

  29. rachel says:

    Hey guys I’m 14 years old and I have the same problem my legs are awfully skinny.. I hate it! I’d think they will get bigger later but my older sister has the same problem and she’s 2 years older and plays lots of sports! I’m scared I will have skinny legs all my life! Is there any hope or advice you can give me?

  30. rachel says:

    Hi guys, I’m in high school and I have the same problem as you. MY LEGS ARE SUPER SKINNY!! I’m comfortable with the rest of my body except for my legs. My sister has the same problem and I’m bulker than her, but I’m taller so they still look pretty damn skinny. I’m scared I’ll have skinny legs all my life!! I think they just might be hereditary. Am I going to have this problem all my life? How long do this exercises usually take?

  31. Amana Tyler says:

    I am a 60yr old woman who was teased by my family growing up because I had skinny legs. All of my life I have been self conscious about my legs so I never went to the beach or wore short skirts or shorts eventhough I have lived in Southern California for 40yrs. I know I have missed out on alot of exciting activities because of my hang up. What do you suggest for someone my age? Are there any tights or pantyhose on the market that would have artificial padding like they have for women who have small or no hips. {padded girdles]. Maybe botox injections for the calves. Any help will be appreciated.

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Amana

      So sorry to hear about this.
      It is possible to have fat grafting or implants but you would be better off going to a gym and enrolling with a personal trainer who will show you the correct muscle building exercises
      However, having skinny legs can often be better that having large ones. With the fashions today you can wear long or calf length skirts which should give you more confidence. In winter you can buy some fabulous long boots to create an up to date look.

  32. brika says:

    My name is bri and my legs are scrawny and i been wanting bigger calves' but i really hope these exercises help so i can wear short's and skirt's and my cousins and auntie can finally accept me and not lower my self esteem.!!hopeful!!

  33. maurie says:

    I have chicken legs or at least that's how they look to me, I'm skinny-fat you know the one who eats a lot but doesn't get fat. I have flat abs, just right boobs and butt for my body that's why i don't look too thin or skinny, though i get lots of complements about my body i still wish i have a fuller body. I've always wanted that firm-but-not-too-chubby kind of legs. I'm dying to be fatter and yet lots of people are dying to be too skinny you can almost see their bones.

  34. paige says:

    oh my gosh it actualy works!!!!!!!!! i took a mesherment of my calf n thies n they encreased 3cm after 5 weeks its awsome!! thank you so much now i feel confident as ever n love wering shorts :p xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  35. RoyGervase says:

    Fats and oils supply essential fatty acids for a healthy skin and regulating body functions. Fat is part of every cell membrane in the body. It helps to transport nutrients and metabolites across cell membranes.

  36. thinlegsonly says:

    Hi LisaJDannii….I just measured mine ..they are 8 inches 🙁 ……….

  37. Christian says:

    Aww Mariaa, i'm the same too. Iv'e spent Two years trying all sorts of things. i am a Man and I cry a lot too at night. There's just sod all that seems to work. Your not alone, Neither of you i'm telling you know.

    The Pain and deprivation of a NORMAL life causes so much emotional stress for me sometimes, i started too loose my hair. But it's grown back know. : – ) What's worse is you can sometimes loose your will too eat as your heart sinks into your stomach.

    I'm 23, great upper body, washboard abs, CRAP legs. Genetics……………..Pain in the FUC*** a**

  38. LisaJDannii says:

    Hi Mariaa,

    When I was at school, I was so skinny it looked like you could just snap me in two. I am older now, and I do a lot of running which has made me get muscle on my legs and I am now slowly getting more confident. Ignore what people say, people are nasty out of jealousy and make themselves feel better by being nasty. Please dont cry anymore, they arnt worth it hun x

  39. LisaJDannii says:

    I have always thought my legs were horrible, they are far too skinny. My ankles are 8 1/2 inches when measured around. Does anyone think this is skinny? as you can tell, I am very very sekf conscious of my legs 🙁

  40. bridgebee2 says:

    My whole body is fine
    i love it!
    just my awful legs!
    hope this helps.

  41. Mariaa says:

    well everyone , ive been doing this exercise , this is my second day yesterday was my little day off ( my muscles KILLED ) ; and i just ate healthy .
    I actually put on a pound ?
    Lol 🙂
    hope everyone else is doing okay !! (:

  42. Mariaa says:

    Does this exercise actually work ! .
    im so tired of being skinny, people say they would “die” to be like me ?
    but i would DIE to be just a normal size, i never wear skirts or any kind of shorts, i bearly wear jeans i stick to sweat pants wear its not as noticable,
    how much should i exercise i know if you exercise to much you lose weight and i DEFF. dont want to lost any more weight . i do have a fast matablism, my mom says it will all change when im older but i dont want my size through out my first year of high school i’ll get called so much harsh names, ppl already call me mean things like “papes ( paper thin ) Tooth pick , anerexic, twiggy , I HATE IT , i cry practically every night ! . I usually dont go outside much because i dont want people to make fun of me , I havn’t been to the beach or swimming in like 3 years ;

    if anyone experienced what Im going through and now has niceer leegs can you please please reply !?

  43. Stephanie says:

    I have disgustingly skinny legs and they gets even skinnier from the knee down. I’m a naturally skinny person which so it’s understandable but I’ve seen people thinner then me that have lean looking legs while I’ve been cursed with these stick thighs and toothpick calves. My mother told me squats might help so I did them for 3 months straight and saw practically no results so I’m hoping this work out will be a little more effective. If it does work I will comment on how long it took for me to get results. Wish me luck!

  44. kate says:

    Wow, I came to this article on accident through Google bc I was trying to see if exercising bulks up your legs. I have the exact opposite problem as you all- I have thin arms, a tiny waist but bulky legs!

    I would love to be in any of your positions…its so weird to read all these comments. I always wear baggy bottoms to cover my disproportionate legs…! 🙁

  45. adam says:

    I have skinny legs, fat stomach, thin arms, broad shoulders and a bald head. I am so embarrass of my body type. I envy my brother because he has muscular legs and arms. The women love him. I hate my body. What can I do to improve my appearance?

    • Sounds to me that you have the bone structure to support a good physique. I suggest you start by having a very close look at your diet, with particular attention to carbohydrates and fatty foods. These are likely to be among your favorite goodies, so you will have to be ruthless and cut them OUT in favour of a high protein diet. Don’t forget to cut down on the amount you eat as well so be prepared to go to bed hungry!

      Next you will need to set yourself an exercise regime and stick to it. Cycling or a cycle type static machine is a great way to build up muscular legs, even better than jogging. There can find plenty of exercise ideas that will harden up your abdominal muscles and upper body muscles on this site without the need for expensive equipment.

      Sorry that I can’t help with the baldness problem. My husband is also a sufferer but I tell him that it makes him more attractive to me, particularly since I read that bald men make better lovers! Try a specialist hair clinic, they may have a solution.

      There is only one more thing to add, and it is the most important of all.

      You will not succeed in bettering your appearance unless you commit yourself totally and without reservation to a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. For that you will need to summon up the will power and determination not just to make a start but to stick at it through thick and thin, through boredom and sometimes aches and pains and resist the temptation to treat yourself to even the occasional tasty snack or day off from your work out.

      If you can stick with it you will find that not only will you look and feel better but the real bonus is that your self confidence will grow in leaps and bounds.
      Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  46. kalp says:

    kalp says,

    my legs are almost but my upper body is not because ireally thinks thats
    is will work and this how everbody be talk at work how they lost so must weight
    idont care when no body call me fat but i just see how they is talk about god but i just that make me mad no thank fo have ifor people because ithinkitwillwork

  47. Jozelyn says:

    I have a question, What if I don’t have stairs or I don’t live in an apartment?
    Is there any other exercise I can use at home?

    • Hi there Jozelyn

      I think that you must somehow improvise here and use your imagination

      Good luck


  48. gabbie says:

    My sister has reallyyyy nice legs, and then I look at mine and there terribly skinny. People always tell me how skinny I am and how my sister isn’t,, And after awhile it gets annoying.. She plays sports and I have for awhile, But now I dance. And I mainly focus on my abs, which are fine. It’s just my body looks really weird with my legs., I’m dyeing for nicer legs and I really hope this works., I’m tired of my skinniness. I wanna feel more confident when I where shorts and a dress. Wish Me Luck 🙂

    • Certainly wish you luck Gabbie. Just keep up with the exercises and don’t expect it to happen overnight.

  49. Alaina says:

    Aww…..TONYA that is the story of my life! The only part of my body that will gain muscle are my arms. MY legs are terribly skinny. especially below the knees. So if you would do an update on your progress it would be a great help.

  50. Charlotte says:

    I hate my legs so much they’re so skinny, but glad to see lots of people feel this way. I’m going to try these tips, hope they work (:

    Also another tip.. I went on a trip where we did mountain walking. I was only on the trip for about 4 days, we did do quite a lot of walking but I really saw a good difference in my legs after the trip. They were really firm, since then I haven’t done that much walking so my legs have become sticky again but that’s my advice, some good old walking up hills.

  51. Nerita says:

    I really hope the exercises work. I have a great shape, but my upper body is smaller than my lower because I have really long legs, which makes them look even extra skinny. People compliment my legs (in pants) and say they wished they had long legs like mine… But they have no idea how skinny they are. I get jealous of girls who can just wear skirts/shorts during summer and I have to keep wearing pants even if it’s boiling hot. I’m definitely going to put time and dedication in this exercises, really want build up my legs. Like Lisa, I can’t wait to wear skirts or shorts as well. And like Tonya, I fear my skinny legs are hereditary too…

  52. Shaniqua Williams says:

    I have skinny legs, big boobs, fat stomach, and broad shoulders and a pretty face. I am so embarrass of my body type. I envy my sister because she have big legs and an hourglass shape. I hate my figure. What must I do?

  53. Lisa says:

    I have a body people would die for..thin with big boobs but my whole life I suffered with thin legs! I have tried different excercises to build bulkier legs but nothing ever happened. How long would this all take to see a change? I am dying to wear mini skirts or shorts…

    • Unfortunately Lisa, it takes dedication and time to see big changes in building legs.
      However, with perseverance you will get there I’m sure.

      This won’t help you much,but there are many many people who would love to have the body that you sound as if you have.

      Why not send us a picture of yourself and we can publish it.

  54. nisha says:

    my legs are so thin ,not well shaped.i dont know whether the tips will work or not. i m so depressed n have inferiority complex as my legs are so thin as compare to my body.people says i m bulky .i hide my legs under skirts always.just hope 4 the best….

  55. maya says:

    i’m gonna try them too, my legs are relatively skinny compared to the rest of my body. i know exercises can’t change the build of your body but am still gonna try to make my legs at least a bit fuller. thanks for the exercises! hope they work.

  56. rosie says:


  57. Poly says:

    this is just to ask Tonya if she’d already tried the exercises suggested? I got skinny legs my self and I’m tired of wearing long skirt and pants to camouflage them. I would really like to wear some shorts and or even a bikini when I go to the beach. Can’t do that yet…so I’m just curious if the exercise really works.

    thanks, Tonya

  58. jacklin says:

    y above leg has flab how to get rid of it inform me leg workout

  59. Tonya says:

    i love my body. it’s perfect and people are envious unitl i let them know how skinny my legs are. Some people don’t notice it at first, but my thighs dont even touch when i walk. I can’t wear skirts, short dresses, shorts, and even jeans you can tell how skinny they are. I always get comments on how i’m so skinny. it doesnt make me happy when people call me bones and other names. i’m going to try to do the exercises and see if they bulk up. But i actually think it’s hereditary how skinny they are.

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