How To Get A Flat Tummy

how to get a flat tummyAll worthwhile fitness routines have a combination of three factors that are essential in getting and maintaining good muscle tone, stamina and a body beautiful.

  • A healthy regulated diet
  • An exercise program that benefits the whole body and not just one or two sets of muscles and ignores others
  • Controlled breathing during the exercise routine

Of course there are other important factors to take into account that are common sense, such as not smoking, taking care over alcohol consumption, no occasional pigging out, not too many late nights etc., but these hints are designed to be of benefit while actually involved in exercising.

Getting that tummy flat and sexy means exercising all the muscles that make up the abdominal group to achieve good hip definition as well as a trim tum.

And ladies, some of these routines will give an added bonus by firming up the thighs and burning off the pockets of fat in the upper legs that lead to cellulite, but more of that later.

Remember that throughout these exercises it is important to tense and to keep tensed the abdominal  muscles involved in each routine.

Make definite controlled movements with a slight pause between each phase.

Breath out on every contraction and take a deep breath in as you return to the start position.

Controlled regular rhythmical breathing is so important as it gets essential oxygen into the blood stream to the benefit of those muscles that need it, whatever exercises you are doing.

Finally it is important to achieve a balance between over exerting and becoming excessively tired and not pushing as far as a discomfort level.

Repeat each exercise until you can feel the beginning of muscles fatigue, pause for a short while and move on to the next. That way all the abdominal muscles (abs) will get the benefit.

Flat Tummy Exercise 1 

This will benefit the upper abs

  • Lie flat on the floor with the knees bent, feet flat on the floor, hands behind the head and elbows extended outwards.
  • Keep your eyes looking forward at the ceiling as you raise your head, neck and shoulders upward, then using the natural abdominal muscles lift your chest and chin towards the area you have been looking at.
  • Hold for a moment.
  • Try to only use the abs for this and not the arm muscles and you will find that even though you may have moved only a very few inches the effect to start with can quite tiring.
  • Slowly return to the prone position and do not forget to control your breathing.
  • Repeat until you begin to tire.

        Flat Tummy Exercise 2

Now for the lower abs

  • Lie flat on the floor with your hands flat on either side of your head.
  • Keeping the hands, head and shoulders flat on the floor raise the legs as near to the vertical as you can, keeping them together and straight at all times.
  • Hold for a count of three and then slowly lower.

Control is important in this exercise so make the movements definite without hurrying.

If you have access to an exercise bench then the exercise is easier to control as you can grasp the edges of the bench to provide more leverage.

This exercise is great for the thighs and you can vary it by extending one leg at a time.

Flat Tummy Exercise 3

Another bonus abs and thigh routine that concentrates on the upper and middle abdominals

  • Lie flat on the back with the hands behind the head.
  • Hold the legs together and bending at the knees, raise the legs until the thighs are perpendicular to the floor.
  • Looking forward and upward lift the chest and head toward that point.
  • Hold for a definitive moment and lower slowly.

       Flat Tummy Exercise 4

This exercise is great for defining the waist and hips as it brings into `play the side abs

You will need a bar or straight piece of wood or similar about 4 feet long, a broom handle will do.

  • Put the bar behind your neck and hold it either side with arms half extended and beyond the shoulders.
  • With knees slightly bent and feet about a foot apart bend sideways from the waist without moving the lower body and, most importantly, stay upright at all times.
  • Very slowly return to the upright position and without pause lean to the other side.
  • Extend the leans either side as far as you can manage comfortably keeping a nice steady controlled slow movement, upright throughout and breathing correctly.

This is not an exercise that requires great effort, just great control so carry on for as long as you can.

      Flat Tummy Exercise 5

A great exercise but you need some imagination.

You have to find some way of being able to suspend your body off the ground, could be a tree in the garden, an accommodating door frame or, and this is the best, the horizontal bars in your local gym.

  • Just hang and bring your knees as far as you can up to your chest before returning to the start.

There are many variations from a suspended position all of which can be of benefit to many of the muscle areas of the body. Experiment, try out your own ideas, and hang in there! Just remember not to overdue it.

If you strain an abdominal muscle it can take a long time before you can get back to any sort of abdominal exercise routine, apart from the discomfort you will experience day to day. Toning that tummy will have to take a back seat.

Remember control the breathing, control the movements and control the diet. All things in moderation!

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  1. Hillary says:

    I’m 17 years old and 5 ft 7 inches I have been controlling my food and everything for 3 years now but I occasionally eat rice and stuff not regularly. I have been trying to get a flat stomach and slimmer thighs and it doesn’t seem ti be working. I fast walk for half an hour everyday and dance a lot but that little bit near the bottom doesn’t go away.
    COuld you tell me an easy meal plan and exercise that would garantee a flat stomach in a month or so? Thank you

    • Jaks Lloyd says:

      I’m going to keep this simple. You must control and safely cut down your overall food intake. Avoid carbohydrates. Protein rich foods will help muscle build up providing you exercise regularly.. Exercising your abdominal muscles with sit ups etc will help flatten the stomach wall. When not exercising it is a good idea to tighten your tummy muscles for a few minutes at intervals throughout each day. It does’nt matter whether you are standing sitting or lying down. the more muscle you build up in yuor stomach area the flatter your tummy will look. Apply the same muscle tensing in your thigh muscles. And do not forget that keeping fit means
      allround exercising and a sensible diet. Good luck.

  2. letitia says:

    hi Jaks im 24 years old id love to lose weight i waigh 150kg please help me loose weight please please please help meeeeeeeeee

    • Jaks Lloyd says:


      Eat less and avoid carbohydrates. Work out at least once every day, twice is better and build up the length of each session without over straining yourself. Read every page of this website to find the work outs that you feel will suit you.

      Most importantly of all, you must persevere, be strong minded and stick to a regular routine.

      With hard work and a sensible diet, the fat should melt off you and your body will become sleek and toned. Its up to you!

      Good luck

  3. Angela says:

    Hi i’m Angela, 12 years old, so I will be visiting America this year and I want to loose weight because I don’t want to go there fat and I want to have a flat tummy so pls. I need help I weight 115 pounds so I really want to loose weight and have a flat tummy so pls. help me 😀

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Angela

      To take weight off the first and most important thing you need is total commitment to a slimming regime. That means sticking firmly to a diet and an exercise program, no snacking and no ducking out of any of the exercises. You will find on this website plenty of diet and exercise tips so pick out what you suits you and get started straight away. Best to choose an exercise program that is progressive, meaning as each stage gets easier for you, you can increase the intensity. A final word, the most effective way to lose weight is to cut back on what you eat but be sensible. When you reach a healthy slim body don’t continue to eat less and less – you do NOT want to risk anorexia. Good luck and enjoy your visit

  4. shubham says:

    hi this is shubham of 19 . I am 5ft 8In. I wanna increase my height more. I know i have gained full of my nautral height . But i wanna height up more . I do have a normal diet which includes vitamins , protein, carbs, fat and calcium too..
    but i didnt find any change in my height . Recently started doing exercises like rope skipping, swimming . Can you please tell me how to height up more ….. Hmm

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Shubham,
      Thank you for your interesting question. Your diet sounds OK so its a question of doing the right exercises. You should concentrate on stretching and exercising the tendons and ligaments in the areas of the spine, knees ankles and hips. For more detailed descriptions we suggest you to obtain one or more of the following books :

      Increase Your Height
      Increasing Height Through Exercise

      Hope this helps.

  5. Ella says:

    Hi, my name is Ella. I’m 13 years old and 157 cm high. I was one of the unlucky ones and was born with puppy fat. Most of it has been put into hight but there’s still some left over. I model quite a bit and I really want to loose it to be able to continue modeling. I have started to cut down on carbs and unhealthy foods. The modeling agency provides diets but it’s not really working for me and I can’t seem to loose that little bit extra! I would love to have a flat stomach and not be uncomfortable in front of the other models. Thank you.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Ella,

      Your puppy fat problem is normal for girls of your age and as you go through your early teens it is likely to gradually disapear. In the meantime do be very careful about dieting and stick to a normal balanced healthy eating regime. Do not be tempted to try any of the ‘fast track’ slimming diets as they may be deficient in vital vitamins etc., that are important for your health as your body is developing.

      I note that you have not mentioned that you have any involvement in exercise. To trim up your body and to control your excess fat your best solution is to choose an exercise program, and stick to a regular routine of the work outs you select. No need to push yourself too hard to start with but stick with it and build up over time. There are plenty of routines to develop a flat tummy that you can carry out at home and need no special equipment.

      A regular work out program, a sensible balanced diet and time
      should result in a great body for modelling.

  6. Umar tata says:

    Hi iam a boy aged 21 my birthday is coming up soon, i will love to shed some kilos pls anything can help… Thanks i will love to hear from u.

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Umar

      At 21 years old you will have stopped growing, or very nearly, and now is a good time to start building up your muscles and toning your body. To do this successfully it is most important to have the will and ability to stick to whatever exercise and diet regime you opt for. There is no surer way to lose weight than by sticking to an appropriate balanced diet and you will find plenty of information on this website on the type of foods that will help. The amount will depend upon your height and bone structure. Exercise on its own is a very hard way to lose significant weight but together with the appropriate food intake, you can make real strides towards gaining a trim, slim body. Maintaining such a body is where the will power becomes a necessity. Good luck with your efforts.

  7. Christa says:

    Hi, I’m 17 years old and I have back problems, so crunches and floor workouts bother my back! Are there any tummy exercises that I could do without the back strain the floor causes?

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Christa

      I sympathise with you. A lot of people suffer with back pain so exercising on the floor can often exacerbate the problem.

      Well there are some tummy exercises you can do without causing back strain. As they are quite complicated I am soon going to be publishing a article describing step by step how you can do them.

  8. tabish says:

    i am having neck pain while performing the abdmoinal excercise……. how to manage it

    • Jaks says:

      Under no circumstances must you continue to exercise if you are suffering from any kind of neck pain. However, if you do the exercises properly you should not have any pain. Try placing your hands behind your neck when you do these exercises and this will give your neck the support it needs. But as I said earlier DO NOT continue if you feel any kind of pain in your neck.

  9. adah kirui says:

    Hi am adah and i want to know how to get a flat tummy.I am an athelete and although ido alot ofexercises i don’t seem to lose it. I am also a bit skinny

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Adah,

      I do not know how old you are! If you are under sixteen years old you may just have the puppy fat that many teenage girls suffer from and which will disapear as you get older. As an athelete I guess that you have a rigorous and regular exercise regime to keep you at peak fitness for competition so if you are into your late teens or older you should incorporate work outs that build the stomach muscles.

      Simple exercises like sit ups and other abdominal exercises should be incorporated into your regular work outs to build up your tummy muscles. It may not result in a six pack but will certainly not affect your athletic endeavours and if you work hard enough will give you the flat tummy that you want. It is also important to keep to a balanced and healthy diet to go along with your exercise regime to keep your body trim.

  10. Morgan says:

    hi, im 12 years old and im about 8stone 5lbs. My worst feauture is my stomach and I have tried sit-ups but they just don’t seem to work. My mam says it is just puppy fat but everyone else in my class is really skinny and feel abit left out. Is there anything I can do to lose my stomach asap.
    Thank you

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Morgan

      Your Mum is most likely right about the puppy fat. There is no reason why sit ups and other exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles will not work in the long term. You have to persevere and eventually you will see the benefit. Have a look at the diet articles on this site and show them to your Mum, maybe she will see that you have the right food to get trim and fit. Remember the number one cause of over weight is over eating, then eating the wrong things and lastly by not exercising and this all shows up first on your tummy.

  11. Kate says:

    Hi! I’m a teen and I’m 5ft 2in. I weight about 115/120 pounds and i would really like to lose a lot of weight and get really toned and fit by summer! I’m already cutting out soda and juices and replacing them with water, limiting unhealthy foods, and trying to eat more fruits and veggies instead of carbs. I think for what I’m eating/drinking I have the right idea so far, but should I do anything else as for my diet? And also, what should I do for exercise? I don’t really play sports but i do have an elliptical in my house which I was thinking of using each morning before school. Any other ideas? And are crunches and exercises like that good also?

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Kate,

      Glad to see that you have an elliptical trainer (aka cross- trainer). There are three main types, some better than others, but the principal is the same. Dependant on the resistance setting you can decide whether you want an intensive or light workout. We like ellipticals because of the low impact on the knee joints and ankles. To lose weight you should use a combination of diet and exercise. You seem to have worked out a diet regime but remember it is not only what you eat but how much, just be careful that you do not cut down too much on your food intake as you do not want to risk becoming anorexic. You can back up your cross-trainer exercises with sit ups, the bicycle (on your back, hands behind your head, raise the legs and simulate a cycling action, raising your head and turning it from side to side) and other abs exercises to give you a firm flat tummy. To attain and maintain a trim body be sure to workout your core muscles, front and back.

  12. gabriela says:

    Hi i want to know how to get a flat stomach i have some fat that I’m not happy with and i really want to lose a cheerleader i work out every week day for an hour but can’t seem to lose the flabby there any workout that can help get a flat stomach I’m 5’4 && 16 years old

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Gabriella
      The only way to get a flat stomach is either to be born skinny or, if like most of us, you must persevere with the exercises which are specially targeted to the area you want defined. Cardio exercise will generally lose body weight but to obtain a firm flat tummy there is no other way.

  13. Amyyy Lin says:

    Heyy there
    alright so im 16 and a half weigh 108 pounds and im about 5ft 3. so i have a bit of stomach fat, its like 3 more inches than i want on my stomach. everyone tell me i look fine but that puppy fat bugs me. this summer i have an amazing bikini picked out that i really want to wear but i really want that flat stomach. idrink plenty of water, i dont pig out or do late nights, dont eat high calorie and high sugar snack and im a really healthy eater. what exersizes should i do to get there in 6 months?

    • Editor says:

      Amyyy Lin

      You sound as though you are doing everything properly. Just keep targeting your stomach with the correct exercises and if you do this every day there is no reason why you should not attain the figure you want in six months time.

  14. Alex says:

    Hi. I’m 12 years old and have been an Irish Dancer for about 8 years. My teacher says that I need to strengthen my core to get higher on my jumps by doing 500 sit ups every day, but I’m always to busy or too tired. Can you give me a type of sit up that I can do around 1-2 times a week, that will give the same effect?


    • Editor says:

      Hi Alex

      I’m afraid your teacher is right. There is no magic solutiion to strengthening your core muscles except by constant targeted exercise. That is if you really want to get higher on your jumps. Try using a hoola hoop to give you some variety. It can be fun and will really work your tummy muscles.

  15. Frustr8ed says:

    also i’ve heard that if u just do ab excersise ur abs will get bigger but the belly fat wont go, so ur stomach will look even bigger.i dnt want that!!! i dnt know if u know jessica smith, but im doing her 10 Minute Solution Knockout Body Workout Fierce and Fabulous Abs. Will that help??

    • Editor says:


      I dont know the Jessica Smith but it sounds good. Keep at it and watch the diet if you want to get rid of excess weight.

  16. Frustr8ed says:

    hi! im a 15 yr old whos pretty fit, I try to do cardio excercise and muscle toning workouts, and all round Im pretty slim, but i want a REALLY flat tummy with gorgeous abs.Is it possible to do this in2 months because im going on holiday then???and no matter how much i work out, and eat healthy, my belly fat will NOT go away.OK, there isnt much of it, but i want my abs to show, and for it to be TOTALLY flat.I do aerobics, skipping and muscle toning excercises a few times a week, but it doesnt slim down my stomach. im 5’2 and about 46-49 kg, cuz my weight keeps fluctuating when im on a fitness kick. i know my weight is quite hrealthy but i just want a gorgeous stomach!!! can u plzPLZ help me???!!!

    • Editor says:


      I’m so pleased that you seem to understand that exercise is almost a way of life if you want to be slim and healthy. However are you doing targeted exercises for your stomach. If you really want to make a difference in 2 months then you must up those exercises to every day. Also try holding your tummy in when you are just walking. That will help a lot believe you me. Bad posture looks awful and will only accentuate bad areas on your body, especially your stomach.

  17. Emily says:

    Hey, I’m 15 and I’m around 5’8. I currently weigh around 10 stone, which I feel is too much, and I would like to drop at least one dress size before I finish school in June. I know you keep telling people this age that they are still developing, however I feel I am now fully developed, and I have finished growing. Most of my weight is held around my middle, i.e my stomach and hips, and I was wondering if there was anything I could do that would guarentre to make the changes I need to get the typical ‘perfect’ body shape. Thank you so much

    • Editor says:

      Hello Emily
      Unfortunately I can’t wave a magic wand to give you the figure you so desire. At 5’8 inches you can carry the weight you have with no problem but I do understand your wish to lose the extra. Even at 15 you can still grow and maybe your tummy and hips will shrink a little. However as I always tell people you have to target those areas with the appropriate exercises. And this means doing your routine daily.

      You haven’t said if your diet is good but you should also try not to eat junk food and just give your body a sensible diet. ie too many calories means weight increase even at your age.

  18. Alexis says:

    Hello, Im 19 years old, 5’5 and 168lbs, i know i am over weight, I’ve been an active person since i was young and i make good choice about food, but for some reason i still can not lose weight. I’ve been almost the same weight as i was in my freshman year of highschool. I’m not sure if there is anything left that i can do. I swim almost every day, do weight room every other day and ab workouts along with them. I eat oatmeal every day and for some reason i just can’t lose any weight. any advice?

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Alexis,

      It certainly looks like you have a problem. You have not told us what your fat to weight ratio is, however there are factors
      affecting weight and body tone that no amount of dieting or exercise will alter significantly.

      The first, and very common, is in your genes as you may have inherited a disposition towards being overweight from a family member.
      More seriously you may have a thyroid defect which may worsen as you get older. It really is wothwhile seeing your doctor
      for advice and to put your mind at rest.

      However there is always the possibility that you are overeating or have a bad diet and are not putting in enough time and
      effort into your swimming and exercise routines. This is where you will have to be very honest with yourself. If you truly
      believe that you are conscientiously driving yourself to your limits then the alternative is to seek medical advice.

  19. lisa says:

    Hi my name is lisa; I’m 14 ɑnd I am very skinny ɑnd want to have a flat tummy but I have tired your exercises ɑnd my belly just gets abs/six pack ɑnd I really don’t like it please help thanks x

    • Editor says:

      Hello Lisa

      I’m afraid to tell youn that the only way you will get a nice flat toned tummy is to exercise however boring it is. How do you think Madonna keeps her figure? One thing in your favour is that you are very young and with luck you will grow and your tummy will disappear.

  20. ellisia says:

    Hi I’m 13 and I weigh 120 I want to be 97 lbs by March is that possible? And what should I do to make my goal?

    • Editor says:


      If you are serious about losing weight in the long term you should try to aim to lose 2-3 lbs per week. This means dieting sensibly ( ie eating fruit and vegetable) and exercising every day. The more calories you take in the more exercise you will need to do. That is a fact of life.

  21. nazneen irfana says:

    tell me how to get slim just by sitting

    • Jaks says:


      The only way to slim whilst sitting down is to not eat so much.

  22. V says:

    I want a flat and toned stomach ASAP – what are they best and most efficent ways to toned up.

    • Editor says:

      Hi there

      Well the best way to get a flat toned stomach is to do as many crunchies -situps as possible each and every day. Obviously stop when it begins to hurt or ache. Using a Pilates ball or, as one reader suggested, a hoola hoop will ring the changes and prevent boredom.

  23. Jesse's Girl says:

    About 4 years ago I was at the lowest I have ever weighed! I then started dating my boyfriend and got “comfortable” and gained about 50 lbs…. All my clothes still fit so I’m not sure where I gained the weight. I have noticed my stomach is a little bigger than it was. I dont eat out that much most of my meals are home cooked. I can’t seem to lose weight and it bothers me. Is there any way you could help?

    • Editor says:

      We have given your problem some thought but without more personal details such as your age, weight and height we regret that apart from watching your diet and having a regular routine of exercising your abs (see our articles) we cannot give you any more specific advice. You seem very contented in your relationship so maybe that has just made you a little complacent about the discipline that necessary to keep your body looking good. Stay happy!

  24. chanel says:

    Hi,i used to be very slim bt now my appetite has increased n i ve gain some weight,not bad anyways cos my curves are now more obvious n is wonderful bt my only prob is dat am loosin my once sexy flat tummy n dat rily gives me d creeps. So pls i’d love an exercise routine dat ll conc on my tummy alone cos i cant afford to loose these hips. Tnk U̶̲̥̅̊

    • Editor says:

      Thank you for your interesting, and entertaining question.

      If you keep to your present lifestyle, which you clearly enjoy, there is no alternative but to tighten up your abdominal muscles to regain your flat tummy. Fortunately you do not need the expense of joining a gym or buying any exercise equipment as the routines are simple.

      The easiest of all is to alternate between tensing and relaxing your tummy muscles as you go about your daily routine, whether walking, standing, or sitting and it is unlikely that any body will notice what you are doing.

      Basic sit ups where you lie flat on the floor, legs together, hands locked behind your head then steadily raise and lower your upper body from the waist is an excellent builder of tummy muscles. To make a change, adopt the same position and raise your legs as high as you comfortably can keeping them locked straight.

      There are other exercises that will help trim up your stomach muscles but these three will do the trick if you work on them. Good luck!

  25. kyn says:

    i havent had troubles about my tummy but recently ive been noticing that i am gaining a lot of tummy fat. it has come to a point where i have to keep changing my clothes over and over just so my tummy wont protude from what im wearing. i used to play sports a lot when i was 13-16 so it didnt matter if i ate quite a lot. now that im 17 and its been a year since i played sports, i have a gained weight considering my huge apetite. i dont have time for exercise, and i eat out everyday. fastfood seems to be the only thing i eat because its the fastest and easiest way to get food after a long day at school. how do i control my diet and lose the tummy?

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Kyn,
      The only thing I can say in your favor is that you recognize the causes of your problem.

      There is only one answer and that is for you to find the will power and real motivation to take yourself in hand. You need to find the energy to start some sort of physical activity so cut down on the amount you eat. Overeating can lead to lethargy and that looks like the case in your circumstances.

      Even fast food outlets have salads, water instead of soft drinks so eat healthily, that really is no problem if you can find the determination to stay off the fatty and sweet stuff.

      You can start exercising when sitting at your desk studying or listening. Just keep tensing and relaxing your tummy and other muscles in your body arms and legs. Nobody will notice and so what if they do! Run up and down stairs walk briskly with good body posture at all times.

      The healthier you eat and the more you exercise the more energy you will have and it will not be long before you find that you can make the time to take part in the sports you enjoyed when you were younger. You may even find you have the time and energy to get into a proper fitness program that will really tone your body and make you look and feel good. Your confidence and self esteem will get a massive boost.

      It is up to you, if you feel strongly enough about that slack tummy, you will find the will power to get rid of it.

  26. Nicole says:

    Hi I’m 12 years old, five foot and I weigh around 8 and a half stone. All my friends weight about 7 stone and have got really nice tummies. I tell peoeple how much I weigh and they don’t believe me because I look skinny but really I have a load of flab. I don’t like going swimming because I can’t wear bikinis and that’s quite embarrasing. Just 4 years ago I was about 3 stone and I don’t know what’s gone wrong. I don’t really want to go on a diet cos my mum won’t let me but I need help. I want to wear a bikini this year when I go on holiday. Please help x

    • Editor says:

      Hi There

      I see that you have not told us that you have any sort of exercise regime and we suggest that you start a regular keep fit program as a first step. As it seems to be your tummy area that is causing you the most concern it would be wise to incorporate some simple abdominal routines into your exercise program. You can achieve a well toned body without the expense and access to gym equipment, there is plenty of information on how to go about it on this site. Worth reading through carefully.
      Lots of young girls in, and approaching,their teens suffer from “puppy fat” and we suspect that is the cause of your problem. Try not to worry yourself over it as it is likely to disappear as you grow older, particularly if you stick to regular exercise. Of course your diet is important but be very aware it is probably not necessary to cut down on the amount you eat, it may do you much more harm than good which is probably why your Mother will not let you go on a diet and she is likely to be right. It is what you eat that is important.
      Stay with the exercise regime and let nature take its course and soon you will have nothing to be embarrassed about.

    • Jaks says:

      HI Nicole

      You must stop worrying. From what you tell us we can only assume that at your age, you are only suffering from “puppy fat”. This is a totally normal occurence that nature has provided for the good of your body. Simply that your developing organs need protecting and that your fat provides the necessary store of energy you require while you are growing. it is for your own good.

      Keep to a healthy diet but ample diet, exercise regularly and under no circumstances go on a crash course of under eating. Keep your weight loss targets at no more than one pound a week otherwise you face at your age, the danger of irreversible health and looks problems. Think flabby skin, anorexia, gaunt features and other problems. Our advice is to listen to your Mum, tell her you only want to eat healthy food like veg, salads, protein rich fish and meat and cut out cakes, candy, sugary drinks and so on.

      You must stop worrying. From what you tell us we can only assume that at your age, you are only suffering from “puppy fat”. This is a totally normal occurence that nature has provided for the good of your body. Simply that your developing organs need protecting and that your fat provides the necessary store of energy you require while you are growing. Our best advice and very much in your own interests is to learn to live with it, it is for your own good. Keep to a healthy diet but ample diet, exercise regularly and under no circumstances go on a crash course of under eating.

      Keep your weight loss targets at no more than one pound a week otherwise you face at your age, the danger of irreversible health and looks problems. Think flabby skin, anorexia, gaunt features and other problems. Our advice is to listen to your Mum, tell her you only want to eat healthy food like veg, salads, protein rich fish and meat and cut out cakes, candy, sugary drinks and so on. Our website has plenty of advice on healthy foods. One last point, drink plenty of water and stop worrying, your problem is just the growing pains that we have all suffered from when we were around your age. Nutrition at Hot Exercise has plenty of advice on healthy foods.

      One last point, drink plenty of water and stop worrying, your problem is just the growing pains that we have all suffered from when we were around your age.

  27. joy says:

    hi, im 15 and 5″5 and a half and weigh 150 more or less i have summer camp in june at the beach im trying to find a healthy way to lose ALOT of weight in 3 months enough so that i feel confortable in a swim suit i really really want to have toned stomach thighs and arms HELP PLEASE?????

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Joy,

      You say that you want to lose a lot of weight in the next three months and want us to advise on a healthy way to do this. At your age you must be very careful over how you exercise and diet as if you lose too much weight too fast you run a severe risk of doing damage to your body that will reflect on how you look.

      First of all you are at an age when the majority of girls suffer from “puppy fat”. This is natures way of storing energy and cushioning vital internal organs as the develop. As you mature so the temporary puppy fat will disapear and in a year or two you will wonder why you ever worried about looking a little bit too large when younger.

      In the meantime lets think about how you can look good in your swim suit.

      A healthy diet is the first step. Do be careful not to think that just eating less is the answer, this can lead to more harm than good and may defeat your target of looking toned and fit at summer camp. It is what you eat, not how much you eat that is important. Avoid all the obvious goodies like candy, cakes, sugary drinks, ice cream and try to drink as much water as you comfortably can. Fruit and veg, fish, nuts and cereals etc., has plenty of tips on healthy eating.

      There are many exercise regimes that can be carried out either at home or in the gym. Look round the site and see which ones you like the look of and will suit your objectives of toned stomach, thighs and arms. Even every day activities can be turned into beneficial workouts. For example, walking briskly and with good poise instead of ambling, running upstairs, repeatedly tensing and relaxing your stomach, thigh and arm muscles when sitting at your desk or watching TV. There are almost never ending possibilities to exercise during your everyday routine.

      What it takes more than anything else is perseverence, followed by commonsense.

      The big dangers at your age, or any other, are overdoing the exercise routines and cutting back too much on your food intake.
      It is important, and we cannot emphasize this too much, NOT to try to lose more than two lbs a week, less is better, until you get to the recommended fit weight for your height and age. More weight loss than this can permanently cause damage to your body and developing vital organs, your skin can lose its elasticity and become baggy in parts of your body particularly your upper arms and can be difficult to remedy without surgery so take it easy and controlled.

      We bet you will still attract envious looks at summer camp if you take our advice.

  28. Jen says:

    I have Back Problems so can’t Exercise as Much as I would Like…. I’d Really Like to tone My tum as it’s getting Flabby, I do Knee rolls but is there any other kind of Exercise I can do Without putting Strain on my back????

    • Editor says:


      I sympathise.

      Most people develop back problems in their life and trying to exercise without exacerbating the problem is hard.
      However, I find that if you want to tone your stomach without putting too much pressure on your back using whats called an ‘ab roller’ is very good. I have one myself.
      You will probably be able to find one at a reasonable price at our superstore but otherwise any good retailer should be able to help.

  29. zainab says:

    hi, my name is zainab. i’m 14 years old and i’m 5’4 and i weigh about 11.5 stone. i do a lot of cardio exercises,drink lot’s of water,eat less calories but i simply can’t get rid of my belly fat. PLZZZZ HEELPP!!!

    • Editor says:

      Hi Zainab,

      Sounds as if you are doing all the right things to help keep your body in trim. Lots of teenagers of both sexes suffer from “puppy fat” and it seems that whatever they do they can´t get rid of it and I know how embarassing that can be.
      As you get older you should find that your tummy will flatten as the “puppy fat” disapears and by the time you are sixteen or seventeen, hopefully you will have nothing to worry about.
      Keep up with your exercising, be sure to add abs workouts to your routine and stick to a balanced and healthy diet and let nature take its course.

  30. deyg says:

    Hi Jak,
    I’m 29yrs old and i have issues with my tummy. It seems to increase regularly.

    I admit that i do eat some heavy meals and do consume alcohol but i still try to do my regular fitness exercises like push-ups, skipping and jogging.

    I find sit-ups very difficult and i do get lazy about them. I even have a sit-up gear at home but i hardly use it.

    Now the question is this; what sit-up exercise can i do in particular that would help reduce the size of my tummy?

    I have read the 5 exercises you stated above but all i just need is an exercise(s) for trimming my tummy alone bcos i have a cute body but a bulging tummy.

    Dats all

    • Hi there
      It could be that you are simply bloated. Try to watch what you eat more carefully, cutting out fizzy drinks (which are known to cause bloating) and eating fewer calories. I’m afraid drinking too much alcohol will add on the pounds also.

  31. Lauren says:

    My name is Lauren and I’m going to be 25 in October. I can’t seem to get rid of my middle belly fat. I do cardio, 90 mins, 5 times a week. I also have been eating healthier and within 1,500-1,700 calories a day. I also drink 12 glasses of water a day and completely stopped drinking soda. I’m completely frustrated! Please help 🙂

    • Hi Lauren

      I can understand your frustration. However you could cut down the number of glasses of water you are drinking as it could possibly be the cause of your extended belly.

  32. Callie says:

    I’m only ten but I want a skinny stomach because all my friends wear bikinis except for me and I want to it’s really embarrassing and I know this is like impossible but I want a really skinny tummy for summer what should I do???

    • Jaks says:

      Hi Calista,

      At your age your body and its internal organs are still developing and will do so until you are in your later teens. This means that you must be very careful with dieting and exercising so that you do not risk doing lasting damage to yourself.

      I suggest that you work out an exercise regime with the help of your parents or school physical exercise teacher telling them that you want a flat, well toned tummy. Basically this will mean that you have to build up your abdominal muscles. There are a number of excellent exercises for your abs described on You can make your choices from them, three should be sufficient , and work out a routine and time schedule. The most important thing is not to overdo the routines. Start slowly and build up the time spent over a period of weeks and stop immediately if you begin to feel any acute discomfort.

      You will need to persevere and be patient, whatever you do, a flat tummy will not happen without hard work and self discipline. If you give it your best shot you will give yourself every chance of looking great in you swimsuit by the time summer comes around.

  33. sarah says:

    hey im sarah, im 14 , and im inbetween 11 and 11.5 stone ,, im going to school in italy in september and i would really really really like to get a flat belly, toned thighs toned arms really just tone my flabby bits, i dont have alot of time to do major exercise as i have my junior cert so im studying ,, i cant afford to go the gym 3 or 4 times a week either,, so i was wonerding what exercise would benefit me the most and how long i should do them for?

    • Hi Sarah Jane,
      There is no easy answer to your situation. You do not say how tall you are which means I do not know how overweight you are.

      If you are tall for your age it less likely to be a problem and you must always remember that you are at an age when most girls suffer from `puppy fat` that naturally disappears after a year or so.

      To get a toned body you will need to exercise as often as possible. There is no need to go to the gym at all. You can do plenty of different exercises at home using chairs, the floor, cushions etc.

      Run or jog instead of walking, bound upstairs, if possible two steps at a time, instead of just climbing. When you are sitting and studying keep tensing and relaxing your muscles. Do this in sequence starting with forearms and biceps, then shoulders, pectorals, tummy and bottom, thighs and lower legs. Keep this going for as long as you find comfortable.
      After a time it will come naturally to you and will not affect your concentration or your studies. It will probably not be noticed by others when you are sitting at your desk in school.

      Watch your diet and eat healthily.
      Tips for exercising at home can be found in articles on this website.
      At the end of the day there is no short cut, if you want a slim toned body you will have to work at it.

  34. jacqueline says:

    So you want to be a high jumper/ At fifteen you are still growing but it is leaving it a bit late to become taller than average.

    As far as your weight and tummy are concerned you should watch your diet and stick to a regular fitness program. You might be better advised to go for a different athletic pursuit. If jumping is your passion, there is the
    long jump
    triple jump
    pole vaulting.

    All three are Olympic events.

    Otherwise there are always the strength activities where being short or not having a flat tummy is not necessarily a handicap. Think of weight lifting, discus throwing or shot putting, even wrestling. With these you have no reason to worry about your size and shape providing you keep fit and stay competitive.

  35. shinyfullmoon says:

    hi, i am a 15 years old male and i want to jump high so i can improve my skill in my sport, but my height is only 173 and i am very heavy , 80kg , my tummy is very big and it looks like it is affecting my jump

    • Hi

      As you are only 15 years old its more than likely that you will continue to grow and your weight should adjust accordingly.
      Just watch what you eat so that you don’t put weight on around the tummy and do some targeted exercises

  36. RoyGervase says:

    Maybe you’ve heard of the law of attraction? I’m thinking that unless you change the way you act and think, you’ll always be the person you are and no diets, pills, powders or weight loss scams or weight gainers will change that fact.

  37. Elizabeth11 says:

    Thank you VERY much, i'm going to ask her! Oh, I am 5'6. But, I really appreciate your advice. Hopefully I'll get onto the squad.:)&& I will tell you if I end up getting onto the squad!


  38. Elizabeth says:

    Hello, my nameis Elizabeth & I am 14 years of age.
    I’m almost going into high school, and one of the requirements for the Varsity Cheerleading Squad is to be under 125 lbs. I do not fit into this category. I weigh 136.7. IS there a way i can loose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?Help me!!PLEASE!

    • Hi Elizabeth

      Thank you for sending us your query.

      We can understand how difficult this must be for your ambition to get into the cheerleading squad but at your age it is unwise to try to shed weight too quickly. You do not tell us your height but assuming you are average you do not seem to be seriously overweight.

      As a rule of thumb you should aim to lose no more than two to three pounds a week, any more can seriously endanger your health. You can achieve this by cutting down on foods that are high in carbohydrates such as candies, sugar, cakes, and soft drinks. Avoid fatty foods like fry- ups, butter, ice cream, cakes again, hot dogs and burgers and be sure to eat plenty of fresh vegetables.

      Please do not try to lose 10 lbs in just two weeks, but if you must try do get an opinion from a qualified medical practitioner before you start.

      It is best to watch your diet carefully, that means taking care over what you eat rather than cutting right back on how much, and take plenty of exercise.

      I hope the organiser of your cheerleading squad will appreciate your enthusiasm and appreciate the efforts you will make by giving you an extra two or three weeks to make the required weight. Why not take an early opportunity to tell her of the efforts you are making to qualify for the squad and maybe she will give you that extra two or three weeks to get into shape.

      If you don’t ask you don’t get!
      We wish we could be more helpful and we wish you the best of luck.
      If you feel like it let us know how you get on.

  39. Dee says:

    Hi Jaks,my tummy bulges when i eat,and cuts into folds when i sit,please will sit up and skipping be good enough to get it back to shape…i used to have a very flat tummy,despite my soft body,thanks for the beautiful advice,ill watch my diets n eating habits.

  40. Gagan says:

    Hi, need some guidance. I actually work out almost everyday in the morning for about 60-80 minutes (monday-friday) and then swim and play tennis on weekends. Having said that I have a decent body when it comes to muscels but my tummy however hard I tried (may be not trying that hard) still has some flab. Can you suggest some good exercises please to work on these. My normal routine is to run/ eplitical machine for about 30-45 minutes and then spend 30 minutes with weights and some crunches. I guess I should leave the weights for some time and focus on crunches but once I hit the gym post cardio I start doing weights. Please shed some light. Thanks. Gagan

    • You must do more crunches to improve tummy muscle tone. Aim for 100 a day minumum

      Good luck

  41. chariss says:

    would it be possible if you could post a picture of the exercises? or a video? because im not quite sure how to do the exercise or if im doing it right.

    thanks 🙂

    • Hi Chariss

      Good to hear from you.

      Videos will be coming shortly so stay tuned. However, any exercise you do which involves your stomach muscles will be beneficial. In other words even drawing your tummy towards your body, holding for a count of three then letting go, will help.

      Good luck

      all the best


  42. Garima says:

    Suddenly after marriage i have put on 10 kgs of weigh rest is fine but there is so much puppy fat on the thighs & waist area it looks so clumsy how to get rid from that

  43. ila says:

    hi m 25 m slim but have tummy fat,what kind of diet routine should i follow. n how long will it take to shed the tummy fat?

    • Hi there Ila

      If you really, and I mean really, want to get rid of that tummy you have to do exercises targeted at that area.

      Also you must watch your calorie intake.

  44. Marie says:

    My name is Marie, I am 15, a month shy from 16. I have a very hard time staying fit. I used to be really skinny when I was younger, now I am average or alittle bigger than average. And I also have a short torso which makes working out harder. (my height is about 5’3) What should I do?

    • Hi Marie

      I don’t understand how having a short torso makes working out harder.

      Surely it means that you have longer legs, which everyone wants

  45. Jayden says:

    I’m 17 and I’m trying to loose 25 lbs. by December. May this year I wore an X-Small dress to a banquet and now i can’t fit it. I’ve gained weight around my waist and my hips. How will I be able to loose 25 lbs. by then?

  46. Amy says:

    Hey, I do Irish Dance, and My teacher has us doing a new drill of kicking around in a circle. I happen to know that when you just kick and lift your leg you are toning you muscle ontop of your leg. But, but that you will also get a thigh that goes outward infront. I was finally somewhat happy with my thighs until now. Is there any way maybe get rid of that muscle or so so it won’t go out?

  47. Hi Aiveen

    At 12 you are only just beginning to develop into a woman.

    I know you want it now but in order to get that attractive flat figure it will be necessary for you to first of all, watch your diet.
    Just because you are skinny now it doesn’t mean you can eat junk food,because it will catch up with you in later life.

    Secondly you should be joining in with as much sport and gym work you can at school to keep your muscles toned.

    Do this and you should find that as you get older your body will become less flabby.

  48. rea says:

    i learned a lot from those exercise regimens you gave.i hope i can follow those because my tummy is so big coz i likely sitting since my work is a call center agent…i also have problems w/ my arms because it’s really big so what are the ways i can trim it down….?????????

  49. aiveen says:

    hi aiveen and im 12…i am skinny but FLABBY i want 2 be flat..attrative flat..HELP PLZ!!

  50. I assume your question should read that your stomach is “getting bigger” or something similar.
    At only eighteen you should have little difficulty in keeping your stomach looking trim, although of course puppy fat often goes with the territory of being so young.
    Take up and work at a sport regularly, go for a run every day, be sensible over your eating and drinking habits, spend a few minutes every morning doing sit ups.
    If you are sitting most of the day try flexing your stomach muscles at intervals.
    Keeping reasonably fit may not give you a six pack but at least your tummy can look flat without a great deal of effort and some self control.
    If it is beginning to show at your age you had better start working on it pronto.

  51. Kingsley says:

    Hi i am beginning that my stomach is getting what are the best exercises i should do to trim it im 18 years of age.

  52. Hi Jackie

    Having had children myself, I know how hard it is to get back in shape.
    In time the muscles will become less flabby and will hold you in more but to lose excess weight you must diet appropriately. Obviously if you are breast feeding you should take nutritional advice from your medical practitioner.

    Meanwhile do as many stomach crunches as you can do without going overboard. Using a Pilates ball will help enormously as you will be targeting the underlying core muscles.

  53. jackie says:

    Hi, I am a 28 year old woman. I used to have a really flat tummy until I gave birth. Now, I don’t like how my tumyy looks. What can I do to have it super flat like it used to be?

  54. Jaks says:

    Hi Charlie

    Most 16 year old carry a bit of puppy fat but this generally goes as you get older and you will find that your body becomes more streamlined.

    However, at your age you should be eating a well balanced diet and doing some regular, and I mean regular exercise.

    Also if you want to have a successful modeling career try to never indulge in calorie laden snacks as this will slowly but surely add to your weight.

    Here is a list of negative calorie foods that you may find useful.


    Good luck with your career 

  55. Charlie says:

    i am 16 and have recently started modelling i have a faire bit of puppy fat on me still though and need to get rid of this how could i do this safely ?

  56. Jaks says:

    Hi Ivonne

    There are 3 basic body shapes. Most of us are a combination

    • Ectomorph
    • Mesomorph
    • Endomorph

    If you go to there is a more detailed  explanation of all 3.

  57. Jaks says:

    Hi ivonne

    Losing weight in one area is hard to do as reducing your calorific intake will generally take off weight evenly all over your body.

    However, if you have a flabby or larger than desired waistline, working out with a hoola hoop is excellent as you have to rotate your upper body, keeping the lower part still. This will target the waist area. This is one of the exercises I remember from my school days and it works.

    Toning your arms with weights is the best exercise you can do.
    if you look at the article I wrote avoid-that-over-muscled-look/

  58. ivonne says:

    i would like to know if there is any work out for your arms and stomach waist only bec- i wouldnt really want to loose my thighs and hips ???HELP PLEASE??

  59. ivonne says:

    i would like to know how can i find out what type of body shape i have????

    • nicole says:

      I have been exercising for months now, and sure I do have abs but not a flat stomach; its something I have never had no matter how hard I try. Any tips for me to get flat abs? Thank you for your time

      • Editor says:

        Hi Nicole

        Sometimes a swollen tummy can happen if you drink too much cola or fizzy drinks so watch what you eat. Exercise has to be a way of life if you want that perfect body or if you are targeting a specific area. Try and concentrate on doing exercises targeting your tummy ie crunchies, situps etc. Even as you walk hold your stomach in and stand tall. Always watch your posture because its surprising how many people slouch and then develop a big stomach.

  60. Jaks says:

    Hi Jeetie

    Skipping is an excellent cardio workout and will give all over body fitness.
    One of the beneficial side effects will be a more toned tum.

  61. jeetie says:

    is skipping rope good for attaining flat tummy?

    • Chynna says:

      A hoola hoop is very good for getting a flat tummy 🙂

  62. chilwien says:

    please guide & advise whats the fastest fat burner pills so that i may have a flat tummy, tq

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