How to Improve Body Posture with Exercise

Body postureTo improve one’s body posture, it is good practice to frequently check the posture of your body in the various activities you carry out throughout the day. It is also advisable to do exercises that will improve your posture.

Body PostureĀ  Exercises

There are many exercises that help improve your body posture. Many of them are easy to do and do not require much time. They are therefore appropriate even for people with a busy lifestyle. Examples include the following.

Pelvic Twists

This exercise is done by standing upright, placing your fingers on the hip bone and your thumbs on the lower ribs. the buttocks are then positioned so that they are in line with the hip bone. Stand in this posture for five seconds and repeat up to five times. This will help strengthen the pelvis and ease spinal support.

Shoulder Twists

This involves standing upright, feet together, and stretching your arms and extending your hands down the sides of your body. Fold the hands so that the fingers touch the hip joints. Hold there and rotate the shoulders in clockwise then anticlockwise directions. This will ease tension on the shoulders and assist uprightness when walking or sitting.


This can be done in several ways. To begin stand with the legs apart. Hold your waist and bend forward. Rotate your upper body from the waist several times clockwise then repeat anti clockwise. In the same position, you can also bend forward, stretch your hands to their limits towards the front, bring them back together to between your legs then stretch to the ground without bending the knees then raise your hands above your head from while stretching backwards.

Repeat the process in sets up to ten times daily. This will straighten and strengthen your back bone and tummy muscles.

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