Target The Upper Arms and Go Sleeveless

toned deltoidsT

he biceps are the muscles on the inside of your arm, and the ones that most people flex to show off their killer arms. These muscles are the ones that most people are concerned with developing. The triceps are at the back of the arm, and the deltoids are further up, closer to your shoulder.

When Your Upper Arm Muscles Are Neglected

So, you want to learn how to target these upper arm muscles?

Well, things are a bit different depending on whether you’re a man or a woman. Men normally want to  build these muscles while we women want to tone and firm them.

Of course, you know what happens if your muscles aren’t exercised regularly.

They become weak, and they decrease or shrink in size. This is called atrophy.

For men, this causes weaker arms and loose skin, and for women, this causes the ‘wave’ you get on the underside of your arms. You know, that flap of skin on your arms that keeps waving after you’ve stopped?

Good news, there are some really great exercises you can use to stop this from happening.

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Men, to build up your biceps, triceps and deltoids, do curls.

This is a weight bar exercise where you stand with your feet about shoulder width apart, and grasp the bar from the underside.

Keep your elbows at your sides curt the bar up and into your chest. So you will be working with an arc position from your pubic level up to your chest.

Try lifting a comfortable weight for you, and then rest thoroughtly between exercises.

This will help develop your arms better than if you work them to death.  Your muscles need rest to develop.

Another great idea is to use dumbells instead of the  weight bar because they allow your wrists to find their natural position, and minimize injury.

Go Sleeveless and Kill That Flapping Skin for Good

Women, let’s tone up those muscles, get rid of that flapping skin and go sleeveless.

What you are targeting with the next exercise is the area at the back of your arms where the skin usually hangs more loosely.  Use a dumbbell to lift with, and place your arm up and over your shoulder.  It will look like you’re shaking your fist at the sky.  Then do repeat lifting in this position, try 5 reps of 5 to start out.

This is a great toning and tightening exercise that actually targets your entire arm.

These are just some of the great ways that you can build muscle, or tighten and tone your upper arms.  Regular workouts are very important for maintaining your muscle and toning.

For your arms, experts recommend at least 15 minutes a day, 3 days a week.  Use the great tips and advice in this article to help you maximize your muscle, and get the guns you’ve always wanted, or to have slender and tight arms if you’re a woman.

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  1. lanka says:

    i need make my arm muscle

    • Editor says:


      You will find plenty of exercises for developing your arm muscles in the articles on this site. Just a tip, while concentrating on building up your arm muscles do not forget to exercise your core muscles and keep to a good balanced diet to maintain your all round fitness and stamina.

  2. gain muscles says:

    What a very nice and insightful post! It’s a fact that muscle growth is highly dependent on what one is eating, what one is lifting, one’s genetics, and what one’s goal is (and you’ve got to have a well-defined goal or else you’d be chasing after your goal forever). In addition to that, one needs to have discipline and dedication to take it to the very end (attainment of the goal that one has set). It shouldn’t be a spur of the moment kind of thing. You need to follow through, just like in anything that you want to succeed in in life. And lastly, it’s all about making everything work together—working out without the proper diet won’t cut it, taking jar after jar of supplements won’t get you bulked up if you don’t pump iron. You need to make everything work together—the right workout program, a proper diet, supplements, and a healthy lifestyle.

  3. I find this works nicely for small muscles like biceps/tricepts. Every now and then (approx. 4-5 weeks) I like to switch it up and hit those muscles hard. That's when a version of the 10X10 kicks in nicely: so I get to do 6 (or better yet 8) sets of bicep cable curls back-to-back with tricep cable pushdowns. You know, kind'a do the bicep… move the handle to the top, do the tricep for 8 reps… then bicep for 8 and so on. Burns nicely.
    Mark Martinez
    your creatine powder test lab

  4. mel says:

    my upper arms are too big. How do I thin and tone?

  5. If I understand your question correctly, you are asking if there are other ways of developing your upper body muscles than the ones you mention. The short answer is yes. For example weights and bars, using machines at your local gym etc. Look through our website for more ideas.

    Good luck

  6. rahul kumbhare says:

    Hi,there i just want to know that only with parallel bar dip & chinup & pullup & pushups can devlop my chest,biceps,triceps,and upperarm & back in fatigue way

  7. Jaks says:

    Hi Anne

    Unfortunately, the older we get the harder it is to lose weight, mainly due to metabolism slowing down.

    Also targeting one area, especially the underarms can be challenging.

    However, I do know one exercise which does have very good results in tightening up the under arms.

    Stand erect with your arms hanging by your side.

    Raise them out to each side keeping them straight.

    When they are at right angles to your body twist the palm of each hand round so that the thumb is pointing to the floor.

    Then slowly take your arms back as far as you can go towards the middle of your back. Your palms should be facing backwards.

    Try and twist your arms even further until you can feel a slight stretch.
    Then when you are comfortable in this position make small even movements backwards and forwards, as though you were trying to touch your hands together. All the time keep your arms straight and as high as possible
    Count to one hundred.
    Also take a look at this article how-to-tone-those-flabby-upper-arms/


  8. Anne says:

    I am 75 & can not rid myself of flabby bicep & tricep ares. What to do?

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