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The ancient art of Kickboxing

Kickboxing originated in ancient Thailand around about the thirteenth century AD where it became the national sport.

Known as Muay Thai to enthusiasts, the early participants included the Thai King Pha Chao Sua who is reputed to have passed himself off as a commoner in order to indulge his passion for the sport.

So keen was he on the physical benefits of Muay Thai that he insisted that his army be trained in the techniques of the art.

Over the centuries, the popularity of the art of Kickboxing spread through the Far East although it was not until the mid twentieth century that it began to excite attention in the West and took off.

There is an anecdote that a Thai soldier captured in a war against Burma in 1774 took on and beat ten of the best Burmese Muay Thai competitors and as a result the King of Burma granted him his freedom.

Throughout the ages the fighting style of using fists and feet in combination have remained virtually unchanged although in the 1920s rules were introduced to regulate the competitions with a twenty-foot ring and standardized gloves.

Over the years other protective gear became mandatory such as groin protectors and female kick boxers can choose to wear chest protectors.

By the mid nineties the art of kickboxing had been embraced by the world outside the Far East with the first world amateur Muay Thai Championships being held in 1995.

Kickboxing is now as popular a participant activity as the more established martial arts such as Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Tai Chi.

As with the other popular martial arts, kickboxing is strictly controlled with a grading system to ensure that combatants are evenly matched and that dangerous contact is avoided making it a safe and invigorating sport for men women and children.

A well equipped martial arts center will have all the gear available for those who want to take up the art competitively as well as those that may find it an interesting and absorbing way of exercising to get and keep fit.

Essential gear is a punch bag that reaches the floor and lightweight training boxing gloves, known as bag gloves.

If you want to compete or just get in the ring for a training bout against another it is best to wear a head guard, groin protector, shin guards and standard weight boxing gloves.

All these items should be available to borrow from a good gym that offers kick boxing training before you decide whether to take up the sport seriously enough to invest in your own equipment.

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Some simple kickboxing moves and stances are:

  • Defense position– elbows at 90 degrees with arms in front of the shoulders and fists in front of the chin.
  • Front fighting positionarms and elbows are the same as the defense position with feet shoulder with apart, weight is distributed evenly.
  • Left or right fighting stance– feet are diagonal to each other and arms and elbows are the same as the defense position.
  • Forward jab– punch with first two knuckles, elbows tucked into the body and the arm makes a straight line out from the shoulder.
  • Cross jab– same as the forward jab, but with a twist of the torso and the opposite back foot pushes off the ground.
  • Uppercut punch– starts with the arms close to the body, then rising and pivot from the torso, returning to the defense position.
  • Shin block– the leg raises to the chest bringing the opposite shoulder in.
  • Knee strike– raise the knee to the chest, reach up with both hands and pull the target down, return to the starting.


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