The Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial ArtsMartial Arts is an all-embracing term to denote the study and practice of techniques to either defeat another or defend against a physical threat.

It encompasses the use of personal weapons, such as bamboo staves or swords as well as the use of hands, feet or any other part of the body as in wrestling.

Most civilizations have developed forms of martial arts through the ages, the best known and most commonly practiced of which have emanated from China, Japan and India where their origins are lost in the mists of time.

Many of the multitudes of forms of martial arts have common attributes, principally the exercise of mind as well as muscle and breathing control, formal training routines and a master/student relationship.

It is the combination of mind and body disciplines that makes the participation in one of the more widely practiced forms of the art such a valuable and interesting exercise.

There are two principle types of martial arts that are widely practiced as exercise routines in the West.

  • Judo

There are those involving the progressive attainment of recognition as the skills are developed as in the colored belt system in Judo together with highly formalized competitions between participating individuals.

  • Karate

Also amongst the better known in this group are Karate which consists of a variety of strikes against an opponent,

  • Taekwondo

which involves kicking

  • Jujitsu

which is similar to Judo where both are variations on the techniques of grappling and throwing.

The other form of martial arts is the practice of highly stylized deliberate movements and attitudes of the body combined with breathing control.

Serious and experienced practitioners also benefit from a heightened sense of spirituality and commune with nature.

The best known and most widely practiced of these is Qigong (pronounced ´chi kung´) an ancient discipline that incorporates techniques that also help heal the body.

Up to 30,000 people in China are said to have gathered together for a Qigong session and large groups regularly participate in this art throughout the country.

Qigong is rapidly being recognized in the West and a growing number of schools and trainers are becoming available.

If you want to add interest to your exercise efforts and enjoy getting involved with like minded people you should look into the possibilities of a martial arts training program, there is every likelihood that one or more of the disciplines will be available near you and if not, try it at home with the help of a CD.

With most, sex or age is no bar to achieving the benefits.

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